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Our Latest Reviews

JD May 21, 2020 on Martin G Clark & Co
Many thanks for the excellent advice and service, very helpful and stress relieving during these difficult times.
Karen M May 15, 2020 on The Basement Project
Fantastic local youth support project and amazing that they are still offering such wonderful service in these most difficult of times. Many thanks to all the team and well done.
Hannah S May 14, 2020 on Clent Hills Vets
Can’t praise Clent Hills Vets Bromsgrove enough. Andre and Dom have been amazing and are as keen as we are to get to the bottom of Red’s illness. Red liver enzyme ALP test was in its 1000 range where it should be around 200. This test measures the steroid produced in his liver and if this is high it can often be down to Cushings. They are doing an electrolyte test today to also test for Addisons.

We’re also looking at an abdominal scan tomorrow so as not to mess up today’s results and an ACHT test may also be on the cards.

I always feel like our concerns are taken seriously and they always put Reds needs first.
David H May 13, 2020 on Martin G Clark & Co
Professional and helpful particularly during this current crisis, I would gladly recommend them to others.
The Cross Family May 12, 2020 on Care Force Ltd
The care workers are always helpful, caring and compassionate with smiles and practical help. Isn't it encouraging in a world where there is so much sadness and many difficulties, that there are so many good, loving and smiling people. I couldn't manage without Care Force.